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The Application Of Diaphragm Pump In The Tracking Industry

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Due to its working principle, diaphragm pumps are different from other pumps and belong to reciprocating displacement pumps without mechanical seal design. It has the advantages of low shear, allowing for idle operation, self priming start, multiple material selection, and convenient maintenance. It can transport viscous, granular, and highly corrosive materials. It is applied in fields such as environmental protection, chemical engineering, medicine, food, new materials, coal mines, ships, etc.

Due to its ability to transport various types of complex sewage, especially the pneumatic diaphragm pump outlet, which can hold pressure, automatically stop holding pressure, and automatically start pressure relief, it is widely used in matching filter presses.

Diaphragm pumps are self priming, can run empty, and can be equipped with corrosion-resistant materials. Moreover, due to less stirring during material pumping, they save standing time and are widely used in the chemical industry.

The diaphragm pump also has hygiene grade materials, which can meet the needs of high hygiene level working conditions, and is used to transport various sauces, honey, seasonings, fruit granules, etc.

We introduced advanced equipment and management, and constantly develop new products.

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